Ten celestial bodies feature prominently when analysing an astrological chart. The sun is considered to be the most important of them, hence its transit through the zodiac became so popularised that anyone knows their sun sign. People might call themselves Virgos or Leos. But it only describes the location of the sun. Why is the sun, rather than the moon, chosen to describe the human soul? The moon provides us with fundamental essentials. Even its astrological symbol, a dot inside a circle, carries a message of a completed self with a sparkle in the heart.

We know that the sun burns and spreads its energy around us, gives life to the all the living. While the moon only reflects its light in the night time. Likewise in astrology: our moon’s nature works as a default system of mother’s love and represents her image and influence in life. The sun constitutes a father figure. His love for life determines the future self-esteem of a child. The father gives a sparkle we carry and lights our life by it.

The sun’s period starts in three years when a child comes to realise that he or she is an individual. That is a period for games and first boundaries (game rules). The kid longs for fatherly attention, even if it is a stepdad, and copies his spiritual example. How brave is his dad to follow his heart and to do what he likes? Is he proud of his child? How influential is he? If the mother manages to keep her partner under her thumb, then he is not an alfa. That imprint forms a sparkle. That sparkle can either turn into a torch or a bonfire in the future or to almost disappear in the late twenties when Saturn returns to its natal position*.

A 5 year old can be a simple representation of the sun’s energy: cheerful and full of life, a young explorer of his or her own talents. However, it is primitive and unsophisticated. Like Winnie the Pooh, kids know well what they desire, but not when it is enough. The sun’s energy is vital. It is responsible for body regeneration. If the sun’s functions according its astrological nature, it blesses a person with great health and ability to heal easily. Therefore, from time to time we may hear a piece of advice to follow the heart and pursue our dreams. People who found a way to keep their sun shining throughout their entire life are full of energy even in their old age and they look younger. A person with a shining sun makes them independent and capable to resist opposition even when alone.

Not everyone can say that their sun energy glows. Not everyone is aware of what exactly they want from life. A childhood memory can help to give some ideas about their passions and talents, ideas how to relight it. Any hobby they used to have those days can provide some clues on how to awaken the sun’s sparkle. Also, a traditional birth sign description can give some clues. The full picture on how to make the chart to work comes from awareness of it. Most astrological applications that reconstruct the sky into a natal chart usually provide an automated description of the sun’s talents. However, the sun’s full portrait will be a combination of planetary aspects, house location, sign, its rulers and some other factors. ‘What’s your birth sign?’ article gives more information about their significance.

*Saturn return means it makes a full circle in the sky and takes same position it had at the moment of birth. It is usually happens at the age of 28-29, but it influence might be felt a year before and a year after it transits its natal position.

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