Saturday, 2nd July 2022

On Saturday Pluto and Mars will create a 90-degree angle that is considered as a very intense placement in astrology. When planets form a square angle in between, they start a war. One of them must be defeated. In this case, we will see a battle of wills. An individual will vs. collective will.

Pluto represents the energy of the entire humanity, the world, and the cosmos. Mars is the energy of one individual. Who is going to win this fight? However, it is possible to befriend them through some acts that incorporate both sides of the conflict. For instance, a sailing yacht in a windy and stormy ocean. When the wind is caught by a sailor, he can develop a great speed, or, if it is done badly, sink the boat down.

I would recommend observing the Saturday and what it holds, and how that conflict is going to be resolved. 


About Me

Hi, I’m Olga, and I love astrology and cats. An old joke says: “If you don’t like cats, you just have no idea how to cook them.” Astrology is the same. When offered like a tabloid page with a weekly prediction for everyone reading, it gives you reasonable doubts about a theory behind it.

The knowledge developed over thousands of years is often dumbed down to a bubble gum wrap. I wish to offer you another idea about the beauty and elegance of it.

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