What’s your birth sign?

A typical question when people mention astrology. How many of them are aware that this  information refers to a solar position in a birth chart? But even that description is insufficient . To describe sun’s location in a chart we need a house number as well. Sometimes it is even more valuable information than the constellation itself. 

An astrological sun’s sign gives us some insight about a person. For example, babies born within the last couple of weeks while the sun goes through Leo, at least the way we see it from the Earth, are going to share some common similarities. Something like an enjoyment of being a centre of attention, love for talks about themselves, love for Instagram or other photography based platform will attract them, and they will be creative in a very unique way. Children of the sun. Many celebrities have their sun in Leo. It is common for an actor to have significant placements there to shine on a pedestal. 

I present the following charts of some famous individuals who celebrate or celebrated their birthdays on the 15th August to see the differences conditioned by a house number and planets’ aspects . Well known figures are the best examples to look into as their charts work fully and intensively. 

Jennifer Lawrence who was the highest paid actress in the world in 2015 and 2016 has her Leo sun placed in the 9th house. Amongst multiple ways to leave to her chart she chose the most challenging and the most rewarding. The ninth house is associated with belief and philosophy and it also allows one to achieve success due to the planetary placements there. In this case we have an audience oriented sun that made Pluto and Mars work for the sun’s benefits. She successfully uses their fighting and violent characters on stage to conquer the world. In her most famous play in the Hunger Games her character balancing on the edge of life and death (Pluto) through a fight (Mars) destroys a sick world religion (9th house) of the Hunger Games. And as result the 12th house Pluto brings her world fame and a fortune as it should.

Ben Affleck’s Leo sun placed under the horizon inside the 3rd house. It is delicately supported by other planets like Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn that allowed Affleck’s acting career to start naturally with ease in his childhood exactly when that house activates. Leo is also associated with the 5th house where we can see few important placements that make him a pretty face character, an honourable fighter in a mask, a hero of dreams. Unlike Lawrence highly placed tensed light star Ben Affleck’s Sun doesn’t make him the best or the most, but it definitely makes his life and career path easier.

The next piece is about the imperial posture of Napoléon Bonaparte. His chart reveals a sun obsessed with self-greatness, placed in house number 10 that is associated with high achievement and powerful royal figures. If we compare Napoléon’s sun to the previous two charts we notice a solo line connecting it to Jupiter. If nothing else, the single desire to become a Grandeur. Everything else there exists to serve that purpose.  

Sri Aurobindo is an Indian philosopher who’s remarkable life story of transformation from a Cambridge student and later university vice-principal into a revolutionary and final conversion from politics into spirituality. And even there in spiritual pursuits he stayed a revolutionary and offered new ways to see yoga and its mechanics. 

In his chart the sun is placed in the 12th house accompanied by a few other planets that allowed Aurobindo to access high levels of human existence. This house is the most difficult one to understand. However, this life story can help to get it. On the lowest levels house number 12 is about loneliness and captivity and on a high level is about universal spirit and supreme self. In the case of Sri Aurobindo his imprisonment for a few months was the beginning of his transition into a yogi. His Leo Sun allowed him to create an entirely new concept of the Integral Yoga system that revolutionised the way we see it now.   

As you can see those examples demonstrate how different Leo persons can be and that over simplification of the astrological system into questions like “What sign are you?” is similar to assumptions that a human being is like a mechanical machine, a programmed robot. Which maybe true to some degree.

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  1. Very informative piece here, I like it. Being a long time astrologer I am convinced that the real truth and significance of astrology is being water down and trivialised by the ‘media’. Well done, I will share this.

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  2. Very well written! Refreshing arguments, speaking as a long time astrologer. Well done.



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