“Tell me about your mother”,  is a usual opening in psychological consulting. It’s the beginning. Even without going deep inside into unconsciousness, we know that the mother figure is a significant element in our growing and development. In astrology, we can find a few chart elements that represent and describe the mother of a person and moon placements in the moment of birth can provide a block of important information on the subject.

The moon begins to influence a baby in the final trimester of pregnancy. The emotional state of the mother in that period designs how the person will perceive the world throughout their entire life. It is going to be an autopilot till the very end. Each time when our conscious part struggles to choose a strategy, the autopilot goes on. We start following choices of our moon. In those moments, traditional ‘birth signs’ that describe the location of the sun are staying silent. For example, the self-esteem of a Leo has dropped; and instead of being creative and outward facing, the person is curled up in the parent’s house because that’s the way their moon in Cancer can relax and recover. Relaxation is one of the functions that the moon represents.

As the nearest celestial object in the sky, the moon is a number one figure in a birth chart (after the earth that we can discover in astrological houses). To help you to understand it, I would like to provide some of the reasons.

The moon rules biological cycles and rhythms in our planet and bodies. It is a well-known observation that full moon periods keep emergency services very busy. Some farmers like to use moon cycles to plan seeding. And if a person allows their moon to function as it is supposed to. In return, it gives a longevity (but not necessarily a quality) of life. 

The moon gives an unconscious image of the world. Is it a friendly or a hostile environment to be survived? Nothing can change it. And when someone has their moon in Aries with aspects from Mars and Pluto, an attempt to convince them that the world is made of marshmallows will always fail.

As mentioned earlier, it is the way we relax: in paintball fights or listening to the Jupiter Symphony or reading a detective story. Relaxation can be named the most significant function of the moon because any tension will eventually affect our body in an unpleasant way. For instance, if a person with an aggressive moon by its nature (Aries/ Mars/ Pluto) will carry a life of a choir boy without playing rugby or going to football matches to scream it out, they will experience some difficulties with sleep at first then it will evolve into broken bones or migraines.

Sometimes it is very tricky to say that someone has a problem with relaxation. You can see people so chill and friendly that you could never call them worried or frustrated, but there are a few telltale signs like overweight, smoking, gambling, they overspend time in social media/ watching TV/ playing computer games etc. And the main one is how we sleep. Can I fall asleep lying on my back? Or I should be on the left side only? Or on my belly? If a person cannot fall asleep easily while lying on their back it always indicates some problems with moon functions. This tiny detail that seems so insignificant, but in the long run, it is a sign of an upcoming problem that lies within the range of a particular birth chart.

In our body, the moon is responsible for some organs and systems where all of them come down to the ability to digest, literally and figuratively. The easier a moon can adapt for a change of circumstances, then the easier we can digest it. If something cannot be accepted and processed, and being pushed inside to forget, it creates a block in our subtle body at first and later in our physical self and cause a disease.

It can be any emotion like guilt, fear, disgust, anger, offence, anything that makes it unpleasant to look into. I know that almost everyone has some story that they push inside once, and time to time it comes to the surface of our memory only for it to be pushed back again because we do not want to deal with those emotions. Unfortunately, they do not disappear, they stay there until faced up to and relieved. If we don’t do it, that block will be inherited by the next generations of our family tree who will have to deal with it. A pain of betrayal that grandmother experienced once and pushed away to forget can develop into a cancer battle for a granddaughter later.

The moon adapts and relaxes. If it cannot the family tree dies. It happens directly or indirectly. For example, an only child raised by intelligent parents cannot give them grandchildren when grown, because the last generations of women in the family didn’t allow themselves to relive some emotions and kept them locked in. That and the combination of emotions a female experiences in the last trimester of pregnancy gives a moon suppressed position by other factors in the chart.

And to the other hand, in a simple family where a woman doesn’t bother how decent she behaves and allows herself to express her emotions directly the way she wants and feels, they do not have any problems with bringing children to the world. 

The moon represents our unconscious and is very simple in that respect. Imagine a cat sleeping on a sofa peacefully. That’s it. If we can wake up in the morning and feel the same way it means our moon functions well. If not, it is an invitation for work and astrology is one of the tools to use.

Please, remember that the information provided is generalised and should not be applied without the right context.

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