22nd February 2022

I have started my blog on 22nd July 2020 and posted my first article then. Surprisingly, my second post was written and published on the 22nd of August. When I discovered such a pattern, I decided to keep it this way: one article in Astrostories collection published 22nd every month. 

Today is 22/02/2022. Another palindrome of the 21st century. The day when the world is worried about the beginning of a new military conflict in Europe. No one knows how everything may turn out. 

One of the ways to look into this situation is through the sky picture. And it doesn’t look that bad. We do have a tau-square made of Moon in Scorpio – Uranus in Taurus – Mercury in Aquarius. The opposition formed by Moon – Uranus in Taurus – Scorpio signs, creates the theme of a sudden beginning of the military conflict. Mercury on the top of the triangle in Aquarius makes political and news-making areas chaotic and intense. An additional square angle between Moon and Saturn bring fear of the world order destruction.

However, the rest of the chart is full of harmony and stability. Sun is currently placed in Pisces in conjunction with its night ruler – Jupiter and day ruler – Neptune close by. They harmoniously support the Moon and create another triangle-based configuration with Mars-Venus on the top. That suggests a positive outcome for the situation. The positive outcome for everyone, for the world and its order.

For Ukraine, the outcome looks good as well. And even, this aggressive neighbour decides to attack, the sky is on their side at the moment. It doesn’t have its permission for massive violence.

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