Retrograde Mercury

The first period of retrograde Mercury in 2021 is over. On the 22nd of February Mercury is back to its normal direct motion towards Earth. Everything under its symbolism returns to normal.The periods of retrograde Mercury are well known to the public. Everyone who has some interest in astrology likes to talk about the harm it brings.

In general terms, Mercury affects anything related to transport and journeys, education, ability to concentrate, our short-term memory, documents, agreements, trade, social media etc. Therefore, a piece of standard advice for that period is to avoid making new arrangements, to travel or to buy something. When the period of retrograde Mercury is over, the chances to regret it are high. But it is not true for everyone. People who are born in such periods, on the contrary, feel very comfortable during those days. It is their natural environment; they thrive.

However, even people with a direct Mercury in their chart can use those periods to their benefit by revising some old issues like searching for little lost objects at home, returning to old contacts and contracts, correcting small mistakes. The key-word is “small” because Mercury is a planet of local scope that moves fast and serves our Sun like a messenger to its master.

Sometimes, people, whose Sun and Mercury are within 9°-10° from each other and form a conjunction, can feel some self-esteem issues in the period of retrograde Mercury loops. In the worst-case scenario, if Mercury in the birth chart has serious conflicts with planets like Saturn or Pluto, it can have a much bigger effect than something local. If it happens, then the Mercury in the chart plays out like the tip of an iceberg while the main body stays hidden.

The majority of people do not even notice a difference in their life brought by the retrograde movement of Mercury. For example, to discover that your train is late is a hassle, but nothing extraordinary. Plus, usually, it is balanced by finding some lost item at home or an opportunity to recover a lost connection.

We can observe this backwards movement 3 times a year, each of exactly 21 days in total plus a few days of settling. In the year 2021, we will have two more opportunities to observe and to use its retrograde effects in our lives. The second time will be from the 30th of May to the 23rd of June. And the last period – from the 27th of September till the 18th of October.

Retrograde Mercury can offer significant help with anything that requires a revision and restoration.

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