October in its beauty carries a message of constant change. Everything that starts is, in the end, going to be replaced by something new. There are two things for certain: change and death. Death releases space and resources for a new generation of life.

Time keeps going, even if we have stopped. Merciless ticking and flare of upgrade are fundamental principles of life circle. A spiral Wonderlandian staircase. We can observe it in every sector of human life: business, culture, medicine, environment, technology…

In astrology, this concept has planetary names. They are called Saturn and Uranus. These two planets represent our relations with time. Saturn is an ancient god Chronos that devours his own children; Uranus is a progressive and crazy scientist, building time and space machine on the top of a skyscraper. Saturn is an inevitable sound of the clock in total silence; Uranus is a powerful outbreak of future. They are the masters of western astrology. In the Zodiac, they rule together in Capricorn and Aquarius.

I needed the passages above to paint a picture of these co-existing fundamentals. It was an attempt to describe abstract concepts to define astrology. It starts with a scrupulous study of the sky, systematic collection of data (Saturn) and analysis to make a prediction (Uranus) with a hint of intuition. It is rather a recipe than prophecy.

This year we had the pleasure to observe a ballroom dance of Saturn and Pluto broadcasted worldwide by Jupiter. It was not only the COVID-19 pandemic that showed how ineffective populists in power can be. We had forests on fire, including radioactive Chernobyl; we observed a severe conflict between USA and Iran that lead to a missile hit of a Ukrainian passenger plane; Brexit finely happened; Prince Harry and Meghan stepped back from their role as senior members of the royal family; the death of George Floyd triggered the BLM movement; the blast in Beirut that was felt by neighbouring countries caused the loss of a strategic reserve of cereals; in Belarus a throne is shaking under the last European dictator at the moment… and more.

As you can see all those events aren’t something totaly new, on the countrary, they are a manifistation of pre-existing problems. Not everyone lost their jobs and money during the pandemic, some companies were capable of managing (however, every story is unique), some even prospered.

Saturn and Pluto are often called distroyers and we can see why. But once again, they only intensify and release existing tensions. Jupiter is often called a benifactor, however in this case it brought us the pandemic, because its main function is to amplify.

Soon they will split, but not before, we see an intense square angle in between the Uranus and Saturn-Jupiter conjunction. Good news: Pluto will shift away far enough not to influance that trend. However, it promises to be acute because of the revolutionary nature that Uranus represents hitting its own sign (Saturn will be in Aqaurius), spiced by the black moon that will be next to it. It has to be a great shake.

Many astrologists agree on the idea that we will observe big political changes worldwide. Of course circumstances will be different each country, but measuring the current situation we might get some ideas on it.

If it makes you feel uncomfortable, please bare in mind: it’s only a tension that exists already that needs a release; it is a part of the spiral staircase leading up.

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