Earth’s place in astrology

A friend of mine once asked about the place of earth in astrological charts. It’s a planet as any other in the Solar system. Why does it not appear?

Unlike astronomy, where our planet is only one of an almost infinite number, located somewhere in the back yard of the Universe, astrology is geocentric. Planets rotate around the Earth, and the individuals on it, while the Earth itself rotates.

Your entire astrological chart is centred around you at your place and time of birth on the earth. The heavens around you are divided into the twelve houses of the horoscope. They are separated by cusps, lines that mark the beginning and the end of each house, just like on the face of a clock. These houses are used to determine the conditions of your life’s narrative. 

The houses provide a back drop or a reference within which the planets lie on the chart. The houses form a schedule by which the planets can be observed. The positioning of the cusps demarcates personality traits and life experiences.

Our astrological storey begins where the sun is ascending. It is called the ascendant (marked Asc in the charts that follow). It has a left-pointing arrow and always the begging of the 1st house. It marks the East horizon at the moment of birth and conditions the details of our entry into this world and the way others perceive us. The other eleven cusps of the horoscope unfold counter-clockwise. Depending on time and place of birth houses vary in size as they relate to the earth ecliptic. Whereas the twelve signs of the zodiac evenly divide the ecliptic into 30° arcs.

The sign where the cusp of a house occurs determines the strategy we should apply in particular areas of our life. For instance, the second house represents our financial assets and an individual should manage their finances relative to the Yin or Yang nature of the sign in which it occurs. If the sign is made of Yin elements like water and earth, the person should save money to keep it coming. On the contrary, the Yang elements, air and fire, require an aggressive approach. It would be better to spend wisely than to try to achieve wealth trough saving. If a person with the Yang strategy tries to save money, a Yin strategy, and manages to do so, the universe will not allow it to stay there for long. Some situation will rebalance the position.

Usually, after a period of financial independence, we behave according to our experience. Some start preaching about the negative effect of avocado sandwiches on our budget, and how wise it is to save every penny to buy property. Some say that money comes only when we desire something. And if we wish to buy property, we should buy a car first to increase our financial capacity. Both strategies might be effective. We only need to know and apply our best strategy.

 Let’s imagine identical twins born on the morning of the 22nd  of September 2020 with a 7 minute interval.  

Please bear in mind that these examples are specific cases and should not be applied generally. 

The charts look very much alike. However, there are subtle differences that describe the individual characters of each twin. For example, you will see the cusp of the 2nd house circled in bold on each chart. In the first, it occurs 29° into Scorpio (water). In the second chart the cusp occurs 1° into Sagittarius (fire). 

The first twin would do well to save. But also, due to the Scorpio nature of the 2nd house in this case, to loan money with interest to friends and family will work well for them. The universe will be giving more opportunities to make money and not necessarily through lending.

On the contrary, the younger twin will need to spend big and will do well in investing money in the best education suitable to them. Accumulating money will not be good strategy in this case. And a money landing strategy will be a disaster because anything lent will be lost for good.

This is how the earth manifests in astrological charts and human lives. The position of the sun, the earth and an individual on the earth at their time of birth is the basis of astro chart. 

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