Prior to the consultation is highly important to rectify the time of birth – it is the essential data for a practical application in astrology. In order to do so, I need the following information: time, date, place of birth and, at least, three significant life events that happened in the past. The events like children’s birth, marriage/divorce, and the deaths of family members are considered the most significant. That information allows to do a retrospective prognosis to establish an astrological time of birth, that in many cases is different to the registered one. A rectification has its limits: it can be reliable when the discrepancy of time of birth is around 15 min. In case, if the time is unknown and we deal with 24-hour probability, the outcome is vague.

What astrological consultation holds and how can it help? 

The consultation time is limited to one hour, and therefore, should target a specific request. It could be a general overview of the natal chart for the first time in order to establish a personal chart’s uniqueness and conflicts, and its potential. Usually, a concentration on a specific issue allows for making the best out of it. For example, you are interested in relations and marriage or health concerning requests.

Before we move to the consultation, there are a few steps to follow:

  • if your time of birth wasn’t rectified before, that is where we have to start,
  • provide the information about at least three significant events of your life along with time, place and date of birth,
  • pay £30.00 rectification fee,
  • book a consultation via ..
  • select two areas of interest (health and marriage).
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