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Venus: Rational Beauty

The second planet from the Sun is Venus. The symbol of beauty, love and feminine qualities. Indeed, Venus is responsible for our sympathies, taste and relationships. However, it is not only virtue and harmony. If we look at the signs it rules, Taurus and Libra, we find that Venus is a rather rational than romantic… Read More ›

Retrograde Mercury

The first period of retrograde Mercury in 2021 is over. On the 22nd of February Mercury is back to its normal direct motion towards Earth. Everything under its symbolism returns to normal.The periods of retrograde Mercury are well known to the public. Everyone who has some interest in astrology likes to talk about the harm… Read More ›


Ten celestial bodies feature prominently when analysing an astrological chart. The sun is considered to be the most important of them, hence its transit through the zodiac became so popularised that anyone knows their sun sign. People might call themselves Virgos or Leos. But it only describes the location of the sun. Why is the… Read More ›

The 2020 Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction in Play

The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter turned out to be a great event in astronomical and astrological societies. A rare saturnalia culmination we witnessed last night. Some great photos were done for those who had the rainy night.  However, some astrological effects we experienced a day before when Jupiter entered Aquarius and London got locked… Read More ›


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Hi, I’m Olga, and I love astrology and cats. An old Russian joke says: “If you don’t like cats, you just have no idea how to cook them.” Astrology is the same. When offered like a tabloid page with a weekly prediction for everyone reading, it gives you reasonable doubts about a theory behind it.

The knowledge developed over thousands of years is often dumb down to a bubble gum wrap. I wish to offer you another idea about the beauty and elegance of it.

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