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The 2020 Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction in Play

The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter turned out to be a great event in astronomical and astrological societies. A rare saturnalia culmination we witnessed last night. Some great photos were done for those who had the rainy night.  However, some astrological effects we experienced a day before when Jupiter entered Aquarius and London got locked… Read More ›


“Tell me about your mother”,  is a usual opening in psychological consulting. It’s the beginning. Even without going deep inside into unconsciousness, we know that the mother figure is a significant element in our growing and development. In astrology, we can find a few chart elements that represent and describe the mother of a person… Read More ›


October in its beauty carries a message of constant change. Everything that starts is, in the end, going to be replaced by something new. There are two things for certain: change and death. Death releases space and resources for a new generation of life. Time keeps going, even if we have stopped. Merciless ticking and… Read More ›

Earth’s place in astrology

A friend of mine once asked about the place of earth in astrological charts. It’s a planet as any other in the Solar system. Why does it not appear? Unlike astronomy, where our planet is only one of an almost infinite number, located somewhere in the back yard of the Universe, astrology is geocentric. Planets… Read More ›


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Hi, I’m Olga, and I love astrology and cats. An old Russian joke says: “If you don’t like cats, you just have no idea how to cook them.” Astrology is the same. When offered like a tabloid page with a weekly prediction for everyone reading, it gives you reasonable doubts about a theory behind it.

The knowledge developed over thousands of years is often dumb down to a bubble gum wrap. I wish to offer you another idea about the beauty and elegance of it.

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