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A Perfect Chart

Is there a perfect natal chart? Natal charts are perfect already. They are a fingerprint of a human entity. A soul, that comes into the world, conditions its look. Not otherwise. A trick of picking day and time for an elective cesarian section, in order to have nicely placed planets in a newborn, does not… Read More ›

Astrological Message

Astrology carries a message: Our life is nothing other than our own psychic, our essence that is meant to be manifested in fields of life. At this point, I could finish the post. Because if I apply Occam’s razor to astrology – that message is going to remain. Everything else is secondary. An idea to… Read More ›

The Nature of Pluto

Pluto is a relatively small object of the Solar System – smaller than the Moon, somewhere very far, but very intense when it touches personal chart objects while transiting them in the sky. In general, the further planets of the Solar system are from the Sun, the more significant impact they make from an astrological… Read More ›

Neptune’s Paradox

Alike Uranus, Neptune is full of paradoxes. It could be the weakest planet, and if it takes a significant placement in the chart, it can make a person very hesitant and insecure. At the same time, Neptune is the wisest planet that symbolises the final stage of human evolution.  As Pisces ruler, Neptune absorbed the… Read More ›


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About Me

Hi, I’m Olga, and I love astrology and cats. An old Russian joke says: “If you don’t like cats, you just have no idea how to cook them.” Astrology is the same. When offered like a tabloid page with a weekly prediction for everyone reading, it gives you reasonable doubts about a theory behind it.

The knowledge developed over thousands of years is often dumb down to a bubble gum wrap. I wish to offer you another idea about the beauty and elegance of it.

Let’s do it
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