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The Great Jupiter Expanse

Jupiter is a king of all the gods in Roman mythology also known as Zeus in Greek belief. The god of sky and thunder and also very often seen as a benefactor in astrology. It is the fifth planet from our Sun and is, by far, the largest planet of the Solar system. Modern scientists… Read More ›


The nearest neighbour of our planet is Mars. The planet of action, fire and passion. Mars begins the astrological year when the Sun enters Aries and allows Mars to initiate a fresh start. This is the true purpose of Mars – to unpack the energy of our higher self into a very particular action here and… Read More ›

Venus: Rational Beauty

The second planet from the Sun is Venus. The symbol of beauty, love and feminine qualities. Indeed, Venus is responsible for our sympathies, taste and relationships. However, it is not only virtue and harmony. If we look at the signs it rules, Taurus and Libra, we find that Venus is a rather rational than romantic… Read More ›

Retrograde Mercury

The first period of retrograde Mercury in 2021 is over. On the 22nd of February Mercury is back to its normal direct motion towards Earth. Everything under its symbolism returns to normal.The periods of retrograde Mercury are well known to the public. Everyone who has some interest in astrology likes to talk about the harm… Read More ›


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Hi, I’m Olga, and I love astrology and cats. An old Russian joke says: “If you don’t like cats, you just have no idea how to cook them.” Astrology is the same. When offered like a tabloid page with a weekly prediction for everyone reading, it gives you reasonable doubts about a theory behind it.

The knowledge developed over thousands of years is often dumb down to a bubble gum wrap. I wish to offer you another idea about the beauty and elegance of it.

Let’s do it
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