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This website is about astrology in a way I see it. Since my childhood, I had some curiosity on a subject. It developed into many other interests like feng shui, yoga, Vedic studies, meditation, a degree in human health and has circled back to astrology. This time on a different scale under a professional tutorial it evolved into my new passion.

Over the years I did wonder about differences in personality people display around. I couldn't crack a reason of different effects of meditation on them. I definitely knew about individual approach and results based on it. But it still stayed unclear.

A professional course of western astrology created edges for my puzzle.

  • Moon

    “Tell me about your mother”,  is a usual opening in psychological consulting. It’s the beginning. Even without going deep inside into unconsciousness, we know that the mother figure is a significant element in our growing and development. In astrology, we… Read More ›

  • 2020

    October in its beauty carries a message of constant change. Everything that starts is, in the end, going to be replaced by something new. There are two things for certain: change and death. Death releases space and resources for a… Read More ›

  • Earth’s place in astrology

    A friend of mine once asked about the place of earth in astrological charts. It’s a planet as any other in the Solar system. Why does it not appear? Unlike astronomy, where our planet is only one of an almost… Read More ›

  • What’s your birth sign?

    A typical question when people mention astrology. How many of them are aware that this  information refers to a solar position in a birth chart? But even that description is insufficient . To describe sun’s location in a chart we… Read More ›

  • The beginning of my site

    Everything begins with a single thought, a dream. It can stay there, in a world of ideas forever, or to make a first move into a digital space. That requires a description of fundamentals. The ground rules and the purpose… Read More ›