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This website is about astrology in the way I see it. Since my childhood, I had some curiosity about a subject. It developed into many other interests like feng shui, yoga, Vedic studies, meditation, and a degree in human health and has circled back to astrology. This time on a different scale under a professional tutorial it evolved into my new passion.

Over the years I wondered the reasons for effects of meditation on my friends. I definitely knew about individual approaches and results based on it. But it still stayed unclear.

A professional course of western astrology built corners to my puzzle.

  • The Great Jupiter Expanse

    Jupiter is a king of all the gods in Roman mythology also known as Zeus in Greek belief. The god of sky and thunder and also very often seen as a benefactor in astrology. It is the fifth planet from… Read More ›

  • Mars

    The nearest neighbour of our planet is Mars. The planet of action, fire and passion. Mars begins the astrological year when the Sun enters Aries and allows Mars to initiate a fresh start. This is the true purpose of Mars –… Read More ›

  • Venus: Rational Beauty

    The second planet from the Sun is Venus. The symbol of beauty, love and feminine qualities. Indeed, Venus is responsible for our sympathies, taste and relationships. However, it is not only virtue and harmony. If we look at the signs… Read More ›

  • Retrograde Mercury

    The first period of retrograde Mercury in 2021 is over. On the 22nd of February Mercury is back to its normal direct motion towards Earth. Everything under its symbolism returns to normal.The periods of retrograde Mercury are well known to… Read More ›

  • Sunshine

    Ten celestial bodies feature prominently when analysing an astrological chart. The sun is considered to be the most important of them, hence its transit through the zodiac became so popularised that anyone knows their sun sign. People might call themselves… Read More ›

  • The 2020 Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction in Play

    The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter turned out to be a great event in astronomical and astrological societies. A rare saturnalia culmination we witnessed last night. Some great photos were done for those who had the rainy night.  However, some… Read More ›

  • Moon

    “Tell me about your mother”,  is a usual opening in psychological consulting. It’s the beginning. Even without going deep inside into unconsciousness, we know that the mother figure is a significant element in our growing and development. In astrology, we… Read More ›

  • 2020

    October in its beauty carries a message of constant change. Everything that starts is, in the end, going to be replaced by something new. There are two things for certain: change and death. Death releases space and resources for a… Read More ›

  • Earth’s place in astrology

    A friend of mine once asked about the place of earth in astrological charts. It’s a planet as any other in the Solar system. Why does it not appear? Unlike astronomy, where our planet is only one of an almost… Read More ›

  • What’s your birth sign?

    A typical question when people mention astrology. How many of them are aware that this  information refers to a solar position in a birth chart? But even that description is insufficient . To describe sun’s location in a chart we… Read More ›