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This website is about astrology in the way I see it. Since my childhood, I had some curiosity about a subject. It developed into many other interests like feng shui, yoga, Vedic studies, meditation, and a degree in human health and has circled back to astrology. This time on a different scale under a professional tutorial it evolved into my new passion.

Over the years I wondered the reasons for effects of meditation on my friends. I definitely knew about individual approaches and results based on it. But it still stayed unclear.

A professional course of western astrology built corners to my puzzle.

  • Anniversary I cannot celebrate

    It is almost a year since the war started. Horrible and devastating. I found that president Zelensky’s astrological chart helps to look into some events of it. In Directions prognosis, a fundamental trend that conditions everything else, I can see… Read More ›

  • A New Year again

    Today a Lunar year has started its countdown. Unlike the Georgian calendar which follows the solar cycle, the Lunar calendar does not demonstrate a stable pattern; every year the date is slightly different which we know well from the Chinese… Read More ›

  • President Zelensky Chart

    The recent visit of president Zelensky to the USA Congress, his first visit abroad since the beginning of the war, made me wonder. What allows a guy from an industrial city filled with mines and massive heavy industry around to… Read More ›

  • The Beautiful Chart

    Once I touched on the topic of an ideal chart. The summary was that every chart is perfect as it describes the qualities of the soul that descended into this world. It is nothing but a photo or, maybe, MRT…. Read More ›

  • For the last few months, my main interest has been in Russia-Ukrainian War, the war I did not want to believe was possible. This war made unpredictable the lives of my friends and relatives. Many lost their jobs, some lost… Read More ›

  • Nodes Unstoppable Power

    We are here to learn, to experience new. Astrology is inseparable from the concept of reincarnation. A soul moves from the current life to the next to venture into vitalities unknown before. Before we were born, our souls experienced lives… Read More ›

  • Limits

    Astrology describes everything in the life of an individual. The natal chart, the chart of the moment of birth, is a tunnel through which a soul moves accumulating its life experience. From that point of view, we can talk about… Read More ›

  • Summer Solstice

    As we passed the Summer Solstice a few days ago, I would like to touch on this subject shortly. This day, we have the most sunlight of the year. Translated from the Latin solstice means “to stand still”. Indeed, when… Read More ›

  • Astrology for Life

    I can live without any astrological help my entire life. To be a successful person, people should follow common sense: do the right things at the right times; develop one’s talents to compensate for some floors; and, be ready to… Read More ›

  • ABCs of Astrology

    Astrology answers three main questions: What? How? Where? A weekly horoscope of popular astrology pays attention to only one of them: How? How the twelve signs will be doing in the week that coming? It makes sense knowing general trends… Read More ›