Figuretry.com is about my interest in Western astrology, a beautiful system of symbols and energies through the geometry of the sky tells us our location on a map. It is a unique instrument of self-navigation in life.

An astrological birth chart is made of dozens of elements that produce unparalleled compositions for an individual to experience their life. Even charts of twin-siblings are different and therefore their characters and their lives.

And yet, we share common principles with our family tree that affect our life story regardless of us being aware of it or not. It reminds me of textile fabric formed by multiple threads.

The art of astrology is an ability to see the entire picture and mechanics that run inside it to make it work. If an astrologer is capable of combining the separated details of a chart, they see us, our desires and motives, our strength and talents and the roots of problems we have.

However, astrology is not deterministic. It is a tool, a map for those who use it. Some do it intentionally while others have an intrepid intuition to follow the inner voice. In my case, astrology creates a system out of something I have always known.

Have you ever tried to look onto your life under this angle?

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