What happens hext?

Here I would like to share a few charts I have found interesting. The first one is a chart of Russia where the time and date of creation relate to the very first rising of the current Russian flag that replaced that day the red USSR banner. In one of the prognosis technics, that shows an emotional condition of a subject, at the beginning of August, Venus changed its sign from Sagittarius, the sign of pride and expansion, to Capricorn, the sign of loss and austerity. Later on, that August Russian army was quicked out of a sizeable piece of Ukrainian territory. That no doubt damaged traditional Russian’s view of its greatness and power.

When I scroll the same chart a bit further in the future I can see that the Moon is about to change its sign this June the 8th from Libra to Scorpio. For Russians it is going to be a very noticeable and unpleasant change. One of the ways to describe the nature of Scorpio sign is to portrait Stalin. That atmosphere of fear and oppression can return that period. I hope it is not going to be as bad as example I used.

The next chart I would like to show is president’s Zelensky chart for the same month, transits method that is used to see daily trends of events. There anyone can easily notice a black triangle that hits the Sun. This composition is in place since the January 2023 and goes away in the second half of June.

The final peace I wanted to share is Mr Putin’s transit chart. However, that one is quite risky to forecast but very intriguing. The issue with this chart is the date of birth is different to the official information. It was provided by journalists who investigated the life story of the current Russian leader during his first election. According to their results, Mr Putin is 2 years older than stated in his passport. And this is the date of birth I am going to use.

Some of the objects form interesting patterns that suggest a very significant event for the chart owner this summer. Both Chirons (natal and transit) are on the casps of houses 3 and 12 forming a triangle with black moon. In transit method this combination has significance and suggests some spiritual journey. That idea is supported by the transit Neptune opposition to the rulers of this horoscope and the Moon. It is like a massive window to the world of spirits. Now I am very curious about the way it will play out in the real world.

Altogether it suggests a cardinal change in the middle of summer this year in Russian – Ukraininan War. We will find out very soon.

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