Anniversary I cannot celebrate

It is almost a year since the war started. Horrible and devastating. I found that president Zelensky’s astrological chart helps to look into some events of it.

In Directions prognosis, a fundamental trend that conditions everything else, I can see a few significant trends this year:

Planet Mars hits the beginning of the horoscope with all its energy + directional horoscope beginning forms a conjunction with his natal Mars placement. In the context of a country leader chart, it means an intense war with a neighbouring enemy state. This position will change significantly president’s next birthday in 2024: the square angle that symbolises war will no longer be there, and Mars that is now in conjunction with Asc, will make a 120º angle to the midheaven MC which will describe him like a winner or, even conqueror.

Another outstanding position is MC supported by Saturn and Jupiter. These planets represent our relationship with society and MC represents social status. It is a unique period in the president’s life. In the next year it will be even stronger: as I have mentioned Mars will join the team.

Additionally, those two social planets beautifully treat the beginning of the 5th house which symbolises good luck in the current chart, and extrapolates positive and predictable energies to the 11th house, the house of politics. The following year they are still there.

The next trend to look into is Solar – an annual trend that lasts from birthday to birthday. The next birthday of President Zelensky is the 25th of January 2024. That day the beginning of the 7th house alines with his Sun. For a politician, it means significant negotiations, for an actor it means glory. He is both. Interestingly, the year 2024 Ukraine is due to the next presidential and parliament elections. That is possible only in the case if the war is over.

A further meaningful trend I discovered in Progression – prognostic which describes the emotional state of a person. My main interest there is Moon.

On the 6th of November 2023, his Moon moves from Aries into Taurus. We know from Greek mythology that Aries is a god of war, and that explains the sign very well. Taurus is different. It is all about resources, stability, food and wealth. The Moon is still going to have a 90º angle with Mars but another planet – Saturn, will stabilise his moon in his longing to build and restore.

However, president Zelensky’s chart is not the only one I want to share. I will continue the story.

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