A New Year again

Today a Lunar year has started its countdown. Unlike the Georgian calendar which follows the solar cycle, the Lunar calendar does not demonstrate a stable pattern; every year the date is slightly different which we know well from the Chinese New Year celebration. This year it is the 22nd of January.

Lunar Cycle is known as wll for the famous Hijri calendar used by most Muslims. There are other less familiar calendars to the West such as Hibru, Thai and Hindu. The dominance of lunar calendars represents a certain cultural set, a certain way of living. The living that is done in line with Moon qualities where a significance of family and its connections is extremely important. It is a more traditional way of life, even somewhat tribal. Or, like in China, the culture represents a collective way of existence where being an individual is not a value.

Individualism is a Solar attribute. To be special is only possible if someones Sun is shining. Here I mean Sun from an astrologiacl point of view. Moon and Sun in astrology are Ying and Yang of self. A person obserbs those qualities from parental figures through the antenatal period and during the first decade of life. Once formed, they are difficult to change or transform.

Lunar perception of the world is beneficial in a sense that natal Moon qualities are always there and always seen. When an astrologer reads a chart, Moon description will be always recognised by a client. Moon is a default mode. It always works. It always works while a person is alive because Ying is our resource.

A Solar portrait is a way trickier. I may say that it always works while a person is a teenager, or, if it does not some signs will exhibit it. For example, an aggressive acne can be the sign. However, even in a suppressed status, a teenager has a sense of their core, of what they are and what they wish to be. With time this knowledge may fade. Because of a default Moon support the life will carry on, but without a Solar spark the life will be plain without significant and beautiful events after 30. If Sun energy is not recognised, it is impossible to make career, to go far and beyond, to be a winner.

I used to have friend. In her chart the Moon was a crazy goddess and the Sun was a careful mother. Her Moon energy had an enormous velocity with a magnificent disposition of the best aspects possible. She was a star in everything before Saturn returned to its natal position. But not after. She stayed expressive and bright as it is her default state. But no one sees a goddess, but everyone recognises a drama queen. Her Moon’s gravity was so powerful that did not allow the nature of her Sun to manifest. I wish she did, that would also helped her body to cure some difficult illness she hot that way. The Moon allows her to exist and carry her life, but lack of Solar energy does not allow her body to heal. Sun is a vitality.

Imagine spring time. We should not cut ourselves from that energy. We should always celebrate the Moon. We should always remember. Moon has no light of its own.

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