President Zelensky Chart

The recent visit of president Zelensky to the USA Congress, his first visit abroad since the beginning of the war, made me wonder. What allows a guy from an industrial city filled with mines and massive heavy industry around to rise into a successful actor, then producer, then to the president of a large European country, and then to speak to a congress of the modern superpower and be applauded over and over?

I often start by studying Moon and Sun in the chart. They have a massive significance in astrology. Firstly, they describe the perception of parents during childhood. The placements of the Moon and Sun in president Zelensky’s chart show people who genuinely love their child. Someone may say that every parent loves their kid. Yes, but not necessarily a child’s psyche recognises it the same way (which is a topic for a long read). In the case of Volodimir Zelensky’s chart, the Sun and the Moon are in comfortable positions, nicely aspected, and placed in the houses that support the nature of those planets. That gives us a wholesome individual.

Now, let us look into the details. The Moon in the chart is placed in Leo in the 4th house. Leo loves public attention, and Leo loves to perform. The Moon in Leo is a heartfelt actor who drives the public. The Moon in the 4th house loves the place of birth a great deal. It is a very strong placement that is reinforced by the Bisextile Moon-Neptune-Pluto (see the picture below). This configuration makes the Moon empathic to the feelings of others, senses truths and lies and can work incredibly hard, and when it demonstrates the will – the world turns around to deliver.

Moreover, the Bisextile through the chain of house rulers makes the Moon highly effective in politics as well. Makes the chart owner a politically influential figure. Even in his acting career, Zelensky’s best sketches were political, often performing presidents.

The Sun in the chart is in conjunction with Venus. That makes Volodimir Zelensky charmful and highly likeable. Sun placement describes in every personal chart their core and self-perception, self-esteem. No wonder we often people associate astrology with Solar signs. From that point of view, Volodimir Zelensky is a charming Aquarius. Aquarius has many talents and being progressive, humorous and invested in politics are the ones we observe in the president’s life and career. Moreover, the casp of the 10th house is placed in Aquarius.

The conjunction Sun-Venus has a spice though, – opposition with Mars in the 3rd house. Preliminary to the presidency, that placement was responsible for problems with transport, classmates and neighbours and other areas of life represented by the 3rd house. On the condition of the person who rules a country, trouble with neighbours’ interpretation enlarges to military conflicts with bordering states and war. Over and above that, the chart suggests that the energy of Mars in politics, Volodimir Zelensky knows very well from his past lives.

Another significant piece of the horoscope is the 1st house. The chart begins in Gemini therefore people see him as a dear friend, an easy person. Yet, inside it, we can see Jupiter. It is often called an expanded Mercury (rules Gemini). Jupiter is associated with luxury, abundance, prestige knowledge, dignity and high ideas. Because of its placement in the 1st house, it plays a powerful role. Besides, it rules the 7th and 11th houses and therefore directly affects any political affairs and encountering foes. That enlarges the scale of those, and due to Jupiter’s good positioning, makes Volodimir Zelensky a champion. We all have witnessed that.

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