The Beautiful Chart

Once I touched on the topic of an ideal chart. The summary was that every chart is perfect as it describes the qualities of the soul that descended into this world. It is nothing but a photo or, maybe, MRT.

However, some of the birth charts please the eye. They are like light readings that exist to entertain children: everything in there is straightforward, easy to understand and matches the person it belongs to.

The chart that made my evening was King’s Charles III. Today I have had some curiosity and decided to look into his royal chart. I have heard before that birth charts of kings and queens are great examples of how explicitly well the stars can demonstrate that someone with a silver spoon in the mouth is born. But I could not imagine how elegantly it is done.

Where to start? He is born to be royal. It is a nutshell of the story. The chart keeps telling about it in many ways. And that is the main rule in astrology: any trend in a birth chart has to be supported by other placements, otherwise, the scale of it is not significant.

The chart claims that his mother is a queen:

  • The moon is in the 10th house. Moon signifies a mother figure. The 10th house tells about her highest social rank.
  • The moon is beautifully supported by the both planets of social hierarchy, Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn seats on the casp of the 3rd house and Jupiter is on the top of the 6th house.
  • The 4th house has Neptune in conjunction with Venus. This house describes the family and mother, again. Neptune in that placement is one of the factors appointing into an aristocratic origin. Venus is the house ruler and that makes the positioning strong.

His job is to rule; his life mission is to learn how to do that by his mother lead example. The only issue with his ruling, it comes to him late – Jupiter in the 6th house is placed in the last degree of Sagittarius, but Jupiter, Sagittarius ruler, is there to make sure that he becomes the King.

Another beautiful part of the chart is in the southern hemisphere. I have already mentioned the Neptune and Venus conjunction in the 4th house, but it is only the beginning of the story. The planets are the summit of a triangle with a base made of Mars and Pluto. I wish I had some patience to discribe all the fine details I can see there! This placement tells us about an heir of a fortune. The fortune brought by the Ancestry. The fortune taken through wars. The fortune that is his by the birthright.

I am so charmed with an astrological beauty of the picture.

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