Nodes Unstoppable Power

We are here to learn, to experience new.

Astrology is inseparable from the concept of reincarnation. A soul moves from the current life to the next to venture into vitalities unknown before. Before we were born, our souls experienced lives in different forms and personalities, gathering sapience for completion. We start slow: lying like heavy rocks, barely noticing the fleeing of lives and civilisation around us. With some help of wind, water and organic life, monoliths die to move into a new endure, maybe as a piece of household or something else. Eventually, a soul enters a world of bio-organisms to continue its evolution.

At every level of existence, a soul absorbs the essence of the experience and learns different patterns of energies. At the beginning of every life journey, soul gets an imprint of vital forces that shape its adventures and events. That imprint is illustrated by a natal chart. It will weave the pattern of earthly life. The placements of a chart such as planets, nodes and fixed stars, play the role of healds that shape the fabric.

The nodes are particularly interesting in the story about the evolution of a soul – they lead the direction of life, its vector. The south node reveals the stories learnt by soul. The nothern node appoints the being into the experiences that will allow it to master new praxis.

Throughout the first 36-38 years of our lives we are doing only one thing – actualising our esteblished selves. But for the rest of our story to the very end, we learn how to recast our vitalities and approach an entirely different meanings and means.

For instance, we move from organised, strict and ambitious energies of Capricorn into a cozy family nest woven by Cancer. Our late thirties is a turning point in our life when we start learning anew. One of the brightest and recent examples is a change of life in Serena Williams story. She decided to put aside her solid and unbreakable crown for the chance having a family. In her chart we can find the south node in the highest point of horoscope placed in Capricorn. Hence, the south node is in the house that represents family, and in the sign that longs having kids. Serena’s choice was not that easy. She went through some injuring accidents to allow her career go. Sometimes, the way we are lead to make the right choice is not pleasant.

Sometimes, when the soul meets a resistence to turn into required direction, it decides to reboot the programme after a few attempts to fix. The reboot means the end of one life with the begining of another. It is not a big event, if you look through the eyes of Eternity, but on a human level, it is the major incident. However, in the most of life stories, the change occures naturally througt series of events and soft transformation of views and values.

One of the roles of astrology is to help to understand our path and the way it works.

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