Astrology describes everything in the life of an individual. The natal chart, the chart of the moment of birth, is a tunnel through which a soul moves accumulating its life experience. From that point of view, we can talk about destiny. However, the tunnel is so vast and has so much potential, that it creates billions of options for the chart owner. That’s where an individual drive and individual choice matter. But nonetheless, that choice will be always bound by the tunnel. We cannot even think outside it.

The natal chart is about energies and archetypes, and everything in the Universe is described within those types as it represents particular energy. For example, the planet Mars symbolises a dynamic new force that knows no rest, and that needs action here and now. In the chart, it may describe multiple phenomena such as a car, a dog, a son, a brother, or a policeman depending on its placement and context.

Context. It is the most important part that stays outside the chart and bounds astrology that, as we established, has no bounds. However, a natal chart doesn’t provide a discourse in which an individual exists. It even doesn’t state does it belong to an individual or some object. Because everyone and everything has a natal chart. Every being or object has a beginning at some point in time and at some place on Earth. You may have a natal chart of your cat, if you know the details needed to make it.

So many things happen at the same moment in the same place on Earth at once. Someone turns the key of their new car, someone makes their first bank transactions, some film has its premiere, some baby made its first cry and some duckling made its first squick. All got the same natal chart but the conditions of their existence are so different.

Astrology does not know the parameters of a soul, only the boundaries of its earthly existence. And those boundaries discribe an individual.

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