Summer Solstice

As we passed the Summer Solstice a few days ago, I would like to touch on this subject shortly. This day, we have the most sunlight of the year.

Translated from the Latin solstice means “to stand still”. Indeed, when we look up with us standing on Earth’s surface, it seems that the Sun paused before reversing its seasonal direction. Like an ultra-marathon runner, it turns in an opposite direction to give some rest to one side of the body.

Another significant change happens on Summer Solstice Day – Sun enters the Cancer sign and awaits there before continuing. Cancer’s rulers are Moon and Sun, where the Sun is a minor one. Moon, as a prime ruler, plays the major role in this sign. Moon is directly associated with the origin of life in astrology, and with our ancestry tree. Isn’t it a perfect day to gather the entire family under a single roof? Something like Christmas but in summer.

Some trendy tendencies in well-being recommend using this time to dive into family history, to learn more about previous generations and their lives. Interestingly, such studies often demonstrate a level of correlation with what is happening in our lives at the moment but coloured in a style of modern days. For example, a grandfather used to like gambling, and his grandson makes multiple attempts to make money on the stock market. It is like a pattern that is being repeated over and over, like a fractal mark.

Traditionally, Solstice was a time of bonfires in Nothern and Central European Neolithic cultures. Astrologically it makes perfect sense: bonfires are celebrations of the Sun, and Sun is a minor ruler of Cancer. Any minor ruler becomes dominant during the nighttime. So dances and rituals with fire through the Summer Solstice night are the most astrological way to honour it.

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