Astrology for Life

I can live without any astrological help my entire life. To be a successful person, people should follow common sense: do the right things at the right times; develop one’s talents to compensate for some floors; and, be ready to catch an opportunity that represents itself at some point in life. It is a high standard, though, that is not easy to keep. When is the right time? Do I know my talents well? Is this the only opportunity? Astrology holds the answers. 

To begin with, astrology helps a lot to understand one’s own personality. Some horoscopes imply that someone has no issues with understanding themselves. However, often, people need some rational explanation of their inner self. Such an understanding is the very first step to success – to live a life according to your nature. Planets and signs in a chart can provide this insight and portray a psychological profile of an individual. 

The next step is to figure out the living areas in which the world requires someone to exercise those qualities. Those areas – are houses of a natal chart. Twelve houses represent every aspect of human life. It is possible to talk about every single one of them for hours to describe them and their significance in the particular chart. However, some examples may clarify my point.

The first house symbolises the beginning: the way we enter the world, the way our body moves, the way other people see us at the first sight. 

The second house tells about possessions and vitality, therefore associated with our finances and immune system.

The third house is about connections: siblings, first knowledge, first teachers, childhood friends, and short journeys.

The fourth house is about our roots and origins, about house and home, and family, about Motherland and state.

The fifth households pleasantries like gifts, romance, creativity and kids. 

The sixth house is about duties: our debts, our pets, our job and our sickness, caused by a lifestyle. 

The seventh house is opposite the first house and it is not mine. It describes relations in marriage, court cases, negotiations and our enemies. 

The eighth house is the house of crisis, deaths of other people, a wealth of other people, and illness caused by stress.

The ninth house is about knowledge, religion, culture and distant journeys that change our mindset.

The tenth house is about the social ladder, career and achievements. 

The eleventh house represents large social groups united by some idea, friendship, unions, and contests.

The final house number twelve brings us back to ourselves. It is secret and sacred. A big secret will live there, or a big lie. It can be a place of solitude or imprisonment or a wilderness. It also symbolises disease caused by some deep psychological trauma that is difficult to identify.

The lower the house number, the easier its symbolism.

When an astrologist has a question about some particular life area, they check the house that represents it. It may contain a lot of knowledge like: at what sign the house begins; what objects are placed there; where its rulers are in the chart, and how they are aspected. Every single detail forms a unique story that needs to be told and astrology can help with it.

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