ABCs of Astrology

Astrology answers three main questions: What? How? Where?

A weekly horoscope of popular astrology pays attention to only one of them: How? How the twelve signs will be doing in the week that coming? It makes sense knowing general trends affecting the sign and its rulers.

Rulers of the signs are 10 planets on a chart. They are what or who. Every planet represents objects and psychological functions of a particular type of energy. For example, Mars represents the way we act, our type of sport (all that answers the question What?); it also describes other people (Who?) in our life like a brother, a lover, a soldier, a fireman etc.

The way Mars acts is described by the sign where it is placed. How? Librarian Mars will be thoughtful and act out of a sense of justice or injustice, Mars in Scorpio will be a jealous and revengeous type.

Where? In a house, it is placed. For example, Mars in Libra in the fourth house will be seeking justice for their Motherland.

The art of astrology is to take a planet, identify its placement and answer those three questions.

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