A Perfect Chart

Is there a perfect natal chart? Natal charts are perfect already. They are a fingerprint of a human entity. A soul, that comes into the world, conditions its look. Not otherwise. A trick of picking day and time for an elective cesarian section, in order to have nicely placed planets in a newborn, does not work well. If someone chooses a moment of harmony in the main chart objects to do so, they may be doing the worst favour to themselves.

Too much sweetener in a tea can spoil the flavour. Overly comfortable interactions between planets may spoil someone’s life. It usually does. At first, it makes everything come without any struggle into the hands of a young person until Saturn returns into its natal position around the age of 30. As a planet of hierarchy, Saturn destroys the life of leisure. Usually, after that point, a person with a nicely aspected chart that has no tension in it goes down as they do not know how to resist and work hard.

However, it is not the worst outcome of playing god with picking a perfect day and time of birth. A person, born in such a way, may be happy throughout their entire life indeed. But at the expanse of their mental health. Imagine an adult that has a brain of 5 years old.

A newborn chart is always an extension of a family pattern. Every soul enters this world within the boundaries of a particular family tree which corresponds with the spirit of experience from former lives. That makes our natal charts perfect. They are in perfect balance with our existence and aims for life.

Tensions between a chart’s objects describe conflicts and traumas of a chart owner and an ancestry structure they belong to. That tensity plays the role of a car engine. Every chart has an instruction on how to successfully ride that peculiar vehicle.

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