Astrological Message

Astrology carries a message: Our life is nothing other than our own psychic, our essence that is meant to be manifested in fields of life. At this point, I could finish the post. Because if I apply Occam’s razor to astrology – that message is going to remain. Everything else is secondary.

An idea to live true to one’s own nature predisposes a quality of life. There is no fate we are doomed to follow. We only should live according to what we truly are. That is what modern psychology offers: look into own self, accept it and relish it. Astrology can help to speed this process up significantly and, moreover, to monitor it.

To explain the idea of monitoring I would like to remind you how for thousands of years, by observing the sky, people tried to predict the future. It was noticed that particular positions of planets coincide with some events like great harvest or famine, peace or conflict. They also discovered that planetary movements over time create particular effects on personal birth charts. They are like keys to the gates that unlock energy flood. At that moment, if the chart owner is familiar well with that force, they surf it like a wave. The bigger wave, the greater the achievement. But if that part of them was suppressed for years, they might sink, sometimes completely. Almost everyone has a blind spot.

That makes traditional expectations from astrological consultation a bit immature. Prediction of upcoming events cannot be based on a single chart only. A chart needs to be compared to its owner and how attuned they are. In case, if there is a significant disbalance, even promising and good looking planetary positions could be devastating. Also, a prediction has to be based on a specific request and knowledge of how similar trends affected the chart’s owner in the past.

It is very tempting to ask, for example: When do I get a promotion? But the answer is way more complex. To a new customer, an astrologist can tell when a period of changes in career will be likely. The outcome, though, will depend on many factors.

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