The Nature of Pluto

Pluto is a relatively small object of the Solar System – smaller than the Moon, somewhere very far, but very intense when it touches personal chart objects while transiting them in the sky. In general, the further planets of the Solar system are from the Sun, the more significant impact they make from an astrological point of view.

Pluto was discovered in 1930 to open the darkest period in human history. Horrors of National Socialism, terrible atrocities in the USSR, a rise of dictatorship, the first nuclear bombs that invaded Japan. Millions died, millions suffered, and millions did horrible things to survive. Even sides that were fighting the evil committed dreadful deeds.

Those were some of the many faces of Pluto. It’s dark archetypes we can easily find in human culture. For example in the works of Stephen King or in the recently released Squid Game by Netflix that turned out to be a huge success. As humans, we usually disguise these energies in us, but as everyone has Pluto in their charts, we are seeking them out. We are fascinated with stories of murder and bloodbaths, both real and fictitious. A happy story seldom beats a terror in newspaper headlines.

However, the highest octaves of Pluto are pure. They bring willpower that is capable to overcome anything. A phoenix-bird that is rising from ashes is a perfect representation of a person with a strong Pluto in a chart. It is also about commitment to the very end. Pluto favours with a magnetic charm and influence.  People with a strong Pluto or Scorpio sign in their horoscope are never unnoticed. They can be loved or hated, but never indifferent.

Pluto’s discovery brought not only the specter of war but also signified a new discipline in science, Quantum Mechanics, that is also ruled by this dwarf planet.

If we look around we can find many life areas that actively use Pluto’s energies, from medicine to military, from criminal organisations to those who actively seek God. Everyone finds the level that resonates with them.

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