Neptune’s Paradox

Alike Uranus, Neptune is full of paradoxes. It could be the weakest planet, and if it takes a significant placement in the chart, it can make a person very hesitant and insecure. At the same time, Neptune is the wisest planet that symbolises the final stage of human evolution. 

As Pisces ruler, Neptune absorbed the essence of the entire Zodiac to bring it to perfection. It is an energy of transcendental consciousness, pure love, art, spirituality, virgin nature. However, it is also the energy of illusions, addictions, helplessness, dumping grounds, parasites etc. Neptune can easily be associated with some split personality issues, problems with personal space and boundries.

To understand the role Neptune plays in an individual chart, we should pay attention to the entire picture. We should account for elements that dominate in a horoscope. If they are of a stable nature like fire and earth, then Neptune makes a person concentrated on achieving perfection in some particular field represented by a house. For example, Neptune in the sixth house will drive its owner to achieve simplicity and elegance at work. It can also tend to be a bit sacrificial in some particular fields of life. But nothing depressive and consuming.

However, if a personal chart is mostly made of unstable elements like air or water with some tendencies for blues and melancholy, in that case, Neptune might hit a final nail in someone’s coffin.

To make any conclusions about Neptunes influence (as any other planet in the horoscope), an astrologist checks the entire chart, the ability of a client to be intact with their nature. And, most importantly, the impacts of the planet while transiting significant chart points.

Usually, the more developed an individuals soul is, the higher the notes of Neptune they can touch. It is often brightly represented in charts of actors, artists, musicians, volunteers and people of religion.

Often a significant placement of Neptune in the chart tells about a long family history that led to its position. In some cases, we talk about beautiful love stories and spiritual realisations; in others – about depressive alcoholism and inability to move on.

However, any story has the potential to be turned into success when the correct approach is applied.

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