Magic of Seven

Once on Saturday morning this month, I was a bit lazy to get up. I enjoyed my quiet morning and an opportunity to do nothing. “How great it’s Saturday”, I thought. And then I made my own discovery: ” It is not Saturday, it is Saturn’s Day”. I was never curious about the astrological meaning of the week but heard that every day has its planet. It felt unnecessary to try to memorise them. I always prefer memorising something through understanding a phenomenon’s logic. I remembered that someone said that Monday is under the moon. It sounds about right – Moon Day, Monday. But what about Tuesday? Doesn’t work well in English. But works well in languages that originated from Latin. I did some French in school and that allowed me to dig out the names of weekdays in French. “Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi, Jeudi, Vendredi…” the rest was faint. However, it was enough.

Lundi – Lunar Day
Mardi – Mars Day
Mercredi – Mercury Day
Jeudi – Jupiter Day
Vendredi – Venus Day

I found my logic. That was like Eureka.
I knew that I am not the smartest one to figure it out exclusively, but still, that was like a realization. I felt like a Russian scientist who dreamt the table of chemical elements and moved chemistry through it to the next level.

Such a mundane thing, weekdays, obeys astrological concepts. Our life is based on this circle. That was exciting.

Short research followed straight after I was finely up. A well-written article “Why Are There Seven Days in a Week?” explained the origin of seven days in a week.

Everything started in Babylon. Babylonians were one of the first observers of the planets. They are considered to be the first skywatchers who turned it into a study. Seven celestial bodies they looked into were prominent to them. Starting with a month equal to a 28 days lunar cycle, they created equal quadrants and formed a weekly circle in which we run in modern days: Monday to Sunday, from Moon to the Sun.

They influenced neighbouring cultures, and the Jews, in particular, who were captives there. The Jews gave us the Book of Genesis. I used to believe that the Bible is the reason we have a week sized by seven. That approach was adopted by empires around the time and eventually brought to the East with Alexander the Great.

I know that some astrologists choose to have their days off on Monday as it is associated with the Moon and that makes it a day of relaxation and Saturdays are hard-working days as Saturn demands.

Following that logic we have:
Monday is a day to rest and relax;
Tuesday is a day for action and initiative;
Wednesday is a day of travel, study and trade;
Thursday meant for expansion;
Friday is about pleasure, money, beauty and art;
Saturday is time to climb up a hierarchy wall;
Sunday is a day of spirit and spiritual practices to reach one’s true self.

It is intriguing: I was born on Friday, the day of Venus and in my natal chart Venus is the fundamental object.

What day of the week were you born?

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