Hierarchy of Saturn

Even Though Jupiter was the king of all gods in ancient Roman belief, he was fathered by the ruthless Saturn – god of time, or Titan Chronos in the Greek tradition. Who can escape or trick it? No one. Who can get his mercy? No one. Don’t pray, don’t cry. Time is an unstoppable force of the Universe. It’s a father devouring his own children.

In astrology, unlike Jupiter, Saturn is traditionally carrying the title of a malefactor, a destructive force. Which is very true. However, let’s think about time and what it carries. When we are kids, time flow guaгantees that one day we will evolve into adults and every birthday is a blessing because it brings that marvellous independence forward. The time when organised properly holds many rewards in its pockets. But not presents. It gives nothing for free. And anything given in advance at a young age will be required back with some commission from a grown person. Or it gives even more if it was befriended.

To give Saturn what it requests is to give what time requires: planning, discipline and hard work. Like a farmer who does everything in time to have a good harvest. Everyone should approach their life accordingly.

There is an English word that describes Saturn nature well. It is called the deadline. Potentially originated in the times of the American Civil War when it referred to a physical line or boundary beyond which prisoners were shot, and in modern days used to set a time limit for anything to be done. That creates an interesting image of a successful person who willingly invests their time for future benefits who successfully achieves personal deadlines and as result gets to the next level when Saturn touches some vital point on their birth chart. Or a person who experiences opposite outcomes when Saturn affects particular chart placement marking deadlines, created by the Universe itself, through unwilling restrictions and losses. Saturn energies can be very harsh.

Jupiter is a universal expander; Saturn is a universal hierarch. When it touches something, it brings it to a new level: up or down. In a net of earthly houses in a birth chart, it symbolises the highest point of the horoscope – the field marked as MC and often associated with career achievements and power. In older days that field was dedicated to rulers and monarchs.

Wherever Saturn is placed in a chart, it stabilises that life field: for better or worse. Plus, it always requires a highly organised management of that life sector. In financial houses, it demands proper accounting, stability and constant effort to achieve the desired outcome. Like Henry Ford who tried over and over to implement his assembly line in the production of advanced technological products. His business planning was advanced enough to get a patent for his innovation to make other producers pay for his method. And he was consistent enough to defend his rights in court. Such a perfect representation of Saturn’s nature: planning, systematic work and involvement of the justice system.

We can always say that not everyone should work that hard to become successful. No, not everyone, indeed. There are some lucky ones. However, luck itself is limited in time and based on the previous achievement of ancestors and previous lives of the lucky ones. If that fortune will be wasted for leisure and fun only at some point it will be restricted by Saturn. Or it could be even increased enormously if those energies are intact with a person.

It is fascinating energy. But remember, it is not a god as the ancients believed. It is one of the ways to deliver one of the cosmos forces into our lives. If Saturn didn’t exist in our Solar System, we would have had another transmitter of this universal principle of justice and balance.

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