The Great Jupiter Expanse

Jupiter is a king of all the gods in Roman mythology also known as Zeus in Greek belief. The god of sky and thunder and also very often seen as a benefactor in astrology. It is the fifth planet from our Sun and is, by far, the largest planet of the Solar system. Modern scientists suggest that Jupiter and Saturn atmosphere rain diamonds which is possible because of their chemical composition and extreme pressure. 

If we add up all those qualities together: the king of all the gods plus an excessive size plus high pressure that can create the most precious stone in the world then we get its role in the human psychic. Jupiter in the chart represents personal values. It is something that creates a sense of existence and can motivate to go forward and continue even if the world contradicts.

We can find a strong Jupiter in aristocratic or religious families or the ones who worship famous and expensive brands. I recall this year we had news about a rapper who installed a $24 million pink diamond in his forehead – another perfect illustration of how Jupiter can manifest in personality. In the case of the rapper, his Jupiter makes a square angle to his sun in Leo. Sun in Leo usually adores being on the spot light and the tension it gets from the Jupiter drives it to be extraordinary. Unfortunately, the time of birth is unknown to the public, but more likely his Jupiter placed in the first house somewhere very close to the beginning of the horoscope.

It may sound contradictory that a person of noble descent and a rapper can both be described by a strong Jupiter presentation in their charts. But we should always remember three main principles in astrology:

  1. The chart cannot be divided by elements and judged by it. All the chart elements create a unique composition that is inseparable.
  2. The chart shows how different the person is from the environment in which they where born. 
  3. An ability to exercise the strengths of the chart depends on a personal level of development. A chart that can crush one human being can help another person to climb the summit of Mount Olympus. And that all very much depends on their ability to trust themselves to overcome any obsticles in life.

For example, a person who escaped a war zone as a refugee and managed to make their living in the country of escape can have a chart that we describe as a chart of an extremely successful person. Even if that living is supported mostly by benefits from the state. The chart of that particular person will show the difference between him or her and neighbours from the same village. 

If we continue the Jupiter story and its title of benefactor, I should point out it is not entirely true. Jupiter is rather the Expander. It enlarges anything it’s connected to. It can increase wealth and fame or loss and illness. It very much depends on what it interacts with. For example, in 2019 when Jupiter joined Saturn and Pluto in conjunction and caused a pandemic. Before Jupiter participated Saturn and Pluto, their union was causing some local struggles in the world, but Jupiter spread their energies globally to make almost everyone involved.

The great benefactor can turn into a fire multiplier. Like a fire event: a living organism needs oxygen very much in that situation, but getting oxygen can increase flame and worsen the situation. 

Nonetheless, Jupiter is very much like a diamond: shiny, precious, legendary. It makes everything epic, even heroic. The final battle in a superhero film is a good representation of Jupiter’s spirit. It has everything: extreme efforts dedicated to defending some higher principles, heroic music, a massive group of people involved and, of course, a superhero dressed in a cape like a king in the regal mantle. A bit pathetic, but very jupiterian.

Another important aspect of Jupiter is that it this a social planet. Think about it: personal values are inseparable from the society in which one grows up. Like a rough diamond that needs shaping, a person needs other people around to distinguish those inner values. Otherwise, with nothing to share, oppose or defend.

Jupiter is one of the more complex planets in our horoscope and its description cannot be short and simple. Yet imagine the ancient Greek god Zeus and his energy, and you can get the gist of the giant.

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