Venus: Rational Beauty

The second planet from the Sun is Venus. The symbol of beauty, love and feminine qualities. Indeed, Venus is responsible for our sympathies, taste and relationships. However, it is not only virtue and harmony. If we look at the signs it rules, Taurus and Libra, we find that Venus is a rather rational than romantic planet.

In Taurus, it reveals its practical nature that likes to collect resources. The Golden Taurus idol is a perfect representation of this side of Venus. It is a greedy planet that loves money, food, comfort and leisure. It wants to obtain. In some cases, it can obtain extra weight and cause obesity or diabetes. In the example below, we can see that Venus is placed in Taurus in the first house. Because of its aspects with the Moon and Uranus, any type of stress activates craving for sweets and other rich food snacks. As the first house directly relates to our body constitution and appearance. The Venus archetype requires us to accumulate and enjoy. The body happily gathers high calories provided.

In the division of the houses, the second field, associated with Taurus, serves to our financial assets. In the case of the chart provided the cusp of the second house is placed in Taurus as well which binds strategy with money to consistent savings.

Another side of Venus is exhibited in Libra. That’s where the diplomatic nature is revealed. This face of Venus is about relationships, manners, justice and balance. However, this pleasant part of it is a minor portion of its hedonistic nature. Even Venus in Libra very often turns its sophisticated interest to fashion and shopping.
For example, Bella Hadid’s chart has Sun in Libra and Venus in Virgo which has a conjunction with the Moon at the beginning of her horoscope.

Venus on Ascendant gives her beauty. The cusp of the second house placed in Libra indicates that she can make money using her stunning looks. Unlike in the first chart, her financial strategy should be pro-active and instead of accumulating money, she should constantly invest. Or even to have fun or give to charities, but never try to statically pile it up because that is not an option in her chart.

The cusp of the career house is placed in Gemini which leads us to the Mercury that rules Venus and Venus rules Mercury. Once again, her occupation based on her physical beauty. Plus Venus is nicely supported by Jupiter from the fourth house – house of family. I guess they can say that modelling is their family business. And final touch: her Sun placed in Libra in the second house which makes it the most natural for her: to be paid for using her Venus as the chart describes.

We can see that two planets: Venus and Mercury successfully run her supermodel career. Both of them are rational, well-organised and health-oriented. That can promise her long years of affluence.

Venus also describes how a person wishes to make money. In Bella’s example: Venus in Virgo want to make money healthily. If we didn’t know that Venus is located at the beginning of the horoscope we could easily imagine that she wants to be a yoga teacher or a doctor.

In a male’s chart, Venus also represents a feminine ideal. The one that will make a heart pump and hormonal butterflies in the belly. That picture doesn’t always match a figure of a wife in the chart. It is not unusual when a spouse who is a source of comfort and warmth is not a figure of passionate love. In lucky cases, they both are combined.

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