The 2020 Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction in Play

The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter turned out to be a great event in astronomical and astrological societies. A rare saturnalia culmination we witnessed last night. Some great photos were done for those who had the rainy night. 

However, some astrological effects we experienced a day before when Jupiter entered Aquarius and London got locked under Tier 4 with news about a mutant of COVID-19, which developed more effective ways spreading between people. The lockdown was announced only 8 hours prior to its implementation and was a shock for many. For that, we can thank to the nature of the Aquarius that’s getting a hit from its own ruler – Uranus, which is polarised by its conjunction with the Black Moon. 

I would like to describe all those factors separately to see the way it works. At its best, Aquarius is a progressive and futuristic sign, but on the dark side, we find its anarchic nature that loves a paradox. Something like: the vaccine is successful, the first person got it, and yet will it be adequate for the new fast-spreading strain? 

Aquarius has two rulers: the main one is Uranus and the second one is Saturn. As Saturn is already transiting throughout its sign it shares its great qualities like rewarding hard work and systematic efforts. However, the major ruler, Uranus, located 95° from the co-ruler and hits it and its own sign intensively. In astrology, a square angle in between chart objects is considered the most powerful, and aggressive aspect that delivers unexpected outcomes. Uranus is the most logical and innovative forecaster but on its lowest octaves turns out being an unpredictable destroyer of plans, a ruthless joker. If we didn’t have its influence today on the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, we would have been moving ahead with some significant help from Jupiter. The cherry on the top is the Black Moon in the same degree as Uranus that made its energies even more intense. The Black Moon doesn’t have any value or character on its own but when added to any chart placement, makes it bright and sharp.

For those who have a strong Uranus in their charts and they manage to use it appropriately in their life, the situation with a mutant virus and lockdown wasn’t a surprise but a logical continuation of the pandemic story they foresaw. 

N.B. The charts represented are built based on the London clock and therefore the first results we observe there. However, similar energy patterns with a few days difference and some varieties will apply worldwide.

In my article “2020” from 22nd of October, I have already mentioned this time-period as have many other people who study astrology. Looking forward then, these days seemed like the time of cardinal social changes as Uranus is associated with revolutionary changes as well. In terms of restrictions for travel and failed plans for Christmas, it is. However, we are going to witness more examples of its manifestation in social and political lives.

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